Lexxola is a new genre of unisex eyewear born in the city, built for the city, made to be worn daily. Founded with a mission to rewrite the eyewear script, our story reflects the modern eyewear experience.

Radically different, our eyewear is a year-round tool for the city people. An essential component of your daily uniform, built to make you feel invincible.

technology and
trusted techniques,
our tools

We prioritise build quality, invest in the best materials, and design with functionality as a priority. This acts as a pillar on our journey to sustainability.

Our dynamic production mitigates waste throughout the manufacturing process and we use recycled cardboard packaging wherever possible. Dispatched from LED-lit warehouses powered by renewable energy sources, our integrated carriers all-electric delivery fleet make clean, emission-free shipping a reality.

Worn by a
community that
connects cities
around the world,
Lexxola’s tools
inspire confidence
that leads to action.

Reframe the streets.
Make it your city.
These are your tools.
Tools for the city.